Wellness cosmetics applied to hand hygiene

Hand hygiene culture was not widely spread in our country until recent times. However, the Covid-19 global pandemic has dramatically increased our awareness about its importance. A simple action such as hand washing can prevent contagion and germ transmission.

In the face of this second coronavirus wave, Vigmar Laboratorios has actively taken on our share of the burden. To address these challenges, we offer hand care formulas with a focus on hygiene and safety, always keeping skin protection and good sensory properties in mind.

  • What should a disinfecting gel contain to eliminate potential bacteria?
  • Why do I find some aromas repulsive while others are comforting?
  • What makes some gels stickier?
  • If my skin gets dry, should I use a moisturiser every time I apply the gel?

Many questions come to mind now that we use sanitising products on a daily basis every time we leave the house. At Vigmar we formulate questions and wellness cosmetics to answer them.

Sanitising hand soap with SymGuard® antibacterial active ingredient

Our pH-neutral, dermatological sanitising hand soap thoroughly cleanses skin in environments that demand strict hygiene. At the same time, it respects the skin barrier and restores skin functions thanks to the soothing and moisturising action of aloe vera and oat extract.

Formulated with 92% ingredients of natural origin, it also features a multi-functional active ingredient with protective and antioxidant properties that help strengthen the skin’s natural defences.

The main active ingredients of our sanitising hand soap are:


Origin: Amphoteric surfactant, derived from coconut oil, which is part of the betaines family.

Benefits: Cleanses without drying, enhances foaming, has low irritating factor and reduces potential irritation from other surfactants. For this reason, they are even used in baby cosmetics.

  • Ecological aloe vera extract grown in the Canary Islands

This gel acts by creating a protective and refreshing film that provides and retains moisture.

Benefits: Its astringent, moisturising, regenerating, renewing, rejuvenating and antibacterial power helps to reveal revitalised skin. Provides deep skin cleansing from its deepest layers, promoting pore clearing and eliminating toxins and dirt that cause dermal disorders. It is especially indicated for dry and cracked skin.

  • Oat

Benefits: Powerful cleansing action, absorbs all dirt and residues that accumulate in the pores. Naturally cares for the skin’s structure and maintains its pH thanks to the proteins it contains. Thanks to its lipids and water-absorbing substances, it is also excellent for preventing skin dehydration, protecting it from external aggressions and maintaining its protective barrier.

  • SymGuard®: An effective antioxidant that protects against bacteria and helps strengthen the skin’s natural defences.

Disinfectant spray with ecological aloe vera to counteract dryness

The World Health Organisation recommends the use of hand disinfecting gel only as an alternative when soap and water are not available. And the National Institute of Health recommends hand washing whenever possible.

Our disinfecting gels clean and moisturise hands while keeping them safe and protected. From the version formulated for the most sensitive skins, with 65% alcohol, to the most sanitising with 80% alcohol, thanks to the effectiveness of its formulas composed of:

  • Alcohol: an antiseptic with bactericidal and disinfectant action. These gels contain ethyl alcohol to kill bacteria and viruses on hands. This type of alcohol kills germs by denaturing the microbes’ protective external proteins and dissolving their membranes.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using a hand disinfectant with at least 60% alcohol, as disinfectants with lower alcohol concentrations are not as effective at killing germs.

  • Essential lemon oil: enhances the bactericidal effect for longer thanks to its antiseptic action. In addition, its fresh and intense scent helps to enhance mood and increase vitality.
  • Ecological aloe vera, soothing and regenerating, and glycerine, which attracts moisture to the skin to counteract potential effects such as dryness or irritation that can be caused by alcohol. They both work to prevent moisture from escaping from the skin and safeguard the lipids in the horny layer, creating a protective greasy film that minimises dehydration. Both ingredients are used in an effective and ideal dosage to create light textures that do not leave a greasy or sticky residue after application.

However, I believe that caring for our skin with a hydroalcoholic gel or soap with ingredients that limit the associated dehydration or itching should be accompanied by a moisturiser to further protect the skin barrier. Keep in mind that, although both soap and hydroalcoholic gel contain active ingredients to protect the skin, they can never moisturise to the same level as a moisturising cream.

Nourishing and sanitising hand cream with 96% ingredients of natural origin

Our sanitising hand cream closes the circle for a comprehensive hand care treatment. Moisturises, nourishes and softens hand skin. At the same time, it sanitises and acts against germs and bacteria thanks to the presence of Symguard in its formulation.

A light and creamy emulsion, characterised by a formula with 96% ingredients of natural origin, rich in emollients, moisturisers and regenerating agents, for soft, elastic and silky hand skin. It is absorbed immediately and is not greasy.

Our products contain a delicate, hypoallergenic fragrance with the power to transform your mood and create a sense of comfort and wellness. Our aim is to transform the care of your hands, and the rest of your body, into a wellness ritual as a recipe for daily happiness.

Furthermore, at Vigmar we try to ensure that all raw materials are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, following our path towards a more conscious and responsible goal.

Let us therefore take care of ourselves and be environmentally conscious with something as simple as daily hand hygiene. As we always say, knowledge is meaningless unless we act. Meanwhile we continue to protect and nurture you with each and every one of our products.

Warmest regards, we will see you soon.

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