Tell me what your hair looks like and I’ll tell you about the state of your soul and creativity

In addition to the products used, your hair is also influenced by the season of the year, the type of activity you do and the life cycle you are in. If you are a woman, your menstrual cycle will also affect the appearance of your hair.

So what percentage would you like your hair to fall into?

Picture a cake, 70% of which you can control and mould to your liking, and the rest you just have to pay attention and set your mind to — et voilà! You are now fully committed to making your hair a reflection of your soul.

If you want to shine…

When you feel at ease, when things just go with the flow and overall are going good, your hair usually reciprocates by also feeling great, especially to the touch and visually.

Our suggestion for a healthy scalp is to give it a little dose of shine and energy with the Shampoo with ecological aloe vera and jojoba oil, so that your scalp is completely in tune with your mind.

Use this shampoo in the shower to feel revitalised and boast shiny, healthy hair.

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp, while also acting as a fantastic conditioner. It also contains jojoba oil which prevents hair loss, regulates excess sebum and deeply cleanses the scalp.

Fell good effortlessly. The allergen-free fragrance with green tea and bergamot notes creates a fresh and natural sensation all day long.

If you want to feel stronger…

From root to ends, we incorporate the strength that comes from nature into our formulas to provide a repairing and nourishing effect to the hair.

It would be like embracing yourself from the heart to the tip of the hairs on your skin. Or like those vitamins that make you feel more energetic to face your challenges.

The shampoo we recommend for dry hair that needs a boost of energy to grow stronger is the Shampoo with ecological coconut oil and rice. In addition to strengthening the hair structure, ecological rice promotes hair growth and reduces frizz.

As you wash with this shampoo, you will feel like water flows in at the right time to nourish your body and protect your ideas. To water with creativity that which needs water to flow.

Small drops of allergen-free perfume with a sweet vanilla and coconut scent provide the sensory note that will stimulate your peace and serenity.

If you want to nourish yourself…

Hair that tells you that something is going on deep inside, whether it’s hormones, a bad period, sleep, thoughts rooted in the past… Sometimes, the scalp becomes irritated or itchy.

We suggest you ponder over these two questions at the slightest symptom: is there an emotion that you can identify and work on? Are there any rituals in my hair care routine that I can change to bring about the change my hair is asking for?

Horse chestnut and lemon essential oil shampoo gently cleanses the scalp while respecting the skin barrier. In other words, it takes action where it is needed at the same time as it pampers you.

For us, taking action means, in this particular case, creating a formula that works by regulating sebaceous secretion and treating irritations, improving the health of your hair and making it last cleaner for longer.

The other action, the emotional part —in addition to your intentions— is conveyed by the olfactory power of the perfume with its refreshing aroma of citrus, apple and pear which, together with lemon essential oil, will give you energy for the whole day.

We hope that these three proposals will help you reframe the relationship you have with your hair, taking a fresh look at it from all perspectives.

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