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Organic cosmetics for conscious beauty

Riz&Rose is characterised by its balance of botanical power, the efficacy of ethical chemistry, and its Mediterranean essence.
Our brand understands beauty from a holistic point of view: what we eat, our environment and our lifestyle are interconnected and have an impact on our well-being. Hence the importance of taking conscious care of ourselves.

Organic cosmetics with a mission: PROMOTE A #CONSCIOUSBEAUTY

What we do

Riz&Rose is a biocosmetic brand that focuses on preventive and treating action, using high-end active ingredients that are delivered with an innovative technology developed with biomembranes that facilitate their absorption into the deepest layers of the skin and increase their effectiveness.

Our product range

All our products are formulated to activate the skin at the cellular level, targeting longevity and energy systems in the cells, while reinforcing the skin barrier and creating resistance to environmental factors.

• Aromatherapy body treatments

• More effective facial treatments using fewer products
• Sun protection
• Professional range

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