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At Vigmar Labs, we create wellness cosmetics. We seek wellness in all its aspects: scientific, emotional and technological. This way, we patent new formulas for consumers who believe mind-body wellness is a recipe for happiness.

We are committed to formulating cosmetic products with ingredients that directly benefit the skin or support the integrity and efficacy of our formulas –which may be either synthetic or natural– providing the nutrients that skin cells need.
Our approach is based on providing, in optimal dosage, a combination of active ingredients, and essential and nutritional molecules, to contribute to the regeneration process of your skin. We balance internal deficiencies to improve or eliminate external issues, combining beauty, technology, care and pleasure in our products.

Transparency as an active ingredient.

Our cosmetic products are developed with the transparency of water. No animal raw materials, no palm oil derivatives, no silicones, mineral oils and parabens. Formulas free of aggressive ingredients. Life is chemistry and ‘synthetic’ is not worse than ‘natural’. What matters is knowing which active ingredients we use, in what percentage and for which skin type. That is why we focus on healthy pH levels, formulas that the skin recognises, small molecular structure that is easily absorbed and effective active ingredients that also support and maintain the skin’s acid mantle.

‘Natural does not mean safe. We do not include plants directly in a container, they must be synthesised in the laboratory, to create consistency and improve their effectiveness. Some synthetic ingredients could be even less allergenic, more sustainable and contain less pollutants than natural extracts.

Water is obtained by reverse osmosis, and the only alcohols we treat are those that come from plant fermentation. Nor do we use raw materials from genetically modified plants

In short, our challenge is to responsibly and sustainably manufacture cosmetic products selected under the guidelines of simplicity, natural beauty and soul, so that deciding is an easy process.


Cosmetic products –for daily use, effective and of high quality– that provide mind-body wellness.

Natural beauty

At Vigmar, we encourage our customers to be themselves and let their personality speak for them. We take care of their skin, accentuating its natural beauty.


Our cosmetic products are designed to bring awareness and love to the daily skin care routine. We believe that it is possible to consume beauty in a better way. Higher quality products, with longer life cycles and a powerful identity that is affordable for everyone.

We are the perfect balance between Mediterranean essence, botanical power and scientific effectiveness.

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