Skin for rebellious souls

You may not know it yet, but your intuition will make you experience great moments. Go for it. Without a second thought. Now it’s time to show you what you’re capable of. To carry in the backpack only the essential to fill it with unrepeatable experiences.

And remember, as Nat Young said ‘when in doubt, row.’

Your sunscreen will be one of the sensations that will accompany you on the adventure.

Choose yours.

“When in doubt, row.” Nat Young


The Sun Tropical range of sunscreens will be the perfect ally to enjoy the sun safely in the summer. A whole range of sunscreens from factor 10 to factor 50+, with photo-stable cream, gel, oil and lotion formulas. ¿Lo que más notarás? La fragancia y el efecto del monoi de tahiti y sus vitaminas A y E. Its invisible power? Protecting your skin from UVB, UVA and IR (infrared) radiation.

Our product range

Choose from the different varieties of the Sun Tropical sun protection range for each moment. Formulated with broad-spectrum filters that protect you against radiation.

• Milk or cream

• Lotion

• Oil

• Spray

Sunscreen milk or cream

Milk or cream are perfect to apply before going to the beach as they protect and moisturise the skin and are also quickly absorbed. They contain vitamins E and A — antioxidants that act as a natural barrier against the sun’s rays.

Sunscreen lotion

Lotion is a favourite choice for reapplication after bathing, as it is easy to use, quickly absorbed, and has a lighter texture than cream.

Sunscreen oil

Oil is the top choice for those seeking protection and who want to achieve a safe, even and long-lasting tan combined with the richness and goodness of Vitamin E, coconut oil and carrot oil.

The end of the day: refresh and moisturise the skin after a day in the sun.

The aftersun —enriched with ecological aloe vera, vitamin E and lanolin— is the key part of your self-care ritual for healthy skin during the summer, as it is essential to moisturise and provide a cooling sensation after a quick shower. It is not a solution or relief for burns.

Children should be fully protected from the sun

Kids, sand, pool and time to catch them. During the summer, we need a practical and
effective solution to protect the little ones. The qualities that parents appreciate the most are that it is easy to apply, long-lasting and not sticky, which is why Kids Spray is the
most convincing option.

This sunscreen for children meets the requirements mentioned above and is also hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and contains key skin care ingredients such as aloe vera and camomile.

Sun protection that respects your skin and the environment.

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