The lifelong cream

“It’s not a luxury cream, it’s an everyday cream”.

This slogan is more than a century and a half old. And it’s still more valid than ever.
You need a cream that stays with you, that is ideal for you and your family’s skin. That you can trust completely. Like that soulmate who never lets you down.

With a high dose of efficiency and a high dose of protection. And with aromas that remind you how good it is to be home.

We are what you are looking for:

Integrate our company vision as part of a cyclical journey.

Cycle, phase, ritual. The way in which we understand cosmetics follows the common and natural sense that governs nature: sowing, fruiting, harvesting, caring.

Nievina seeks to create a ‘cosmetic sense’ beyond the formulation that brings well-being to your skin.

Nievina products are formulated with your whole family in mind. Check them out!

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Shower gels


Hand and body creams


Sun protection


Hand soaps


Atopic skin



Products formulated with the whole family in mind, rich in natural ingredients and with unisex fragrances, for both men and women, and offering a seasonal skin care ritual.

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